How does vote-by-mail work and does it increase election

As a result of COVID, there has been extensive fear about long lines and big crowds at polling places. If there continues to be public concern over the virus or there is a second infection wave in

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The Ratings Game - Brookings

In the 1980s, bonds were paid off in full, coupons and principal, while bank loans were eventually renegotiated and reduced in value at the insistence of the creditors’ governments.

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Reopening the World: China recovers first – with what lessons?

For example, exports were down 6.6 percent, retail sales were off 15.8 percent, and industrial output fell just 1.1 percent. Local governments are handing out consumption coupons to entice

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Credit Rating Agencies In the Crosshairs

The bar they set was, after all, very low: not whether the bond was a good investment or accurately priced, but whether it was likely to pay out its coupons and principal on schedule.

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Conflicts of Interest in Municipal Bond Advising and

Conflicts of Interest in Municipal Bond Advising and Underwriting* Daniel G. Garrett† June 2020 Current Version Available Abstract This paper shows that conflicts of interest between

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Why policymakers should fear Libra

In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users. If even a fraction of them begin to use Libra to carry out financial transactions, buy and sell products, and transfer

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Out with the old, in with the old: Iran’s revolution, drug

Among Iran’s early responses to growing addiction was a program in the 1920s to provide addicts with opium ration coupons. Progressively, however, policies toward use hardened, particularly as

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Ten challenges in the prescription drug market—and ten

Sometimes drug companies offer coupons to cover the higher co-pays, undoing the incentive. Manufacturers can then run a clinical trial on a small off-label use, prove effectiveness, gain

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provide kickbacks in the form of coupons, financial assistance, free meals, patient care, and other benefits designed to undo the financial incentives that exist in the marketplace and would

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Covering politics in a “post-truth” America

Soon to be followed by those pages and pages of Macy’s ads and supermarket coupons. But hundreds of reporters and editors were still showing up at the giant newsroom each day to produce a print

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Does the government subsidize low-wage employers?

The wage supplement offered by the EITC and the price discount implicit in a daycare subsidy make it feasible for some parents to work who would otherwise be better off remaining at home.

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